We Have the Experience Needed to Successfully Sell Your Yarmouth Real Estate

Deciding to sell your Yarmouth real estate can be challenging in a number of respects, especially in the emotional sense if it’s the property in which you’ve lived in for years. But life goes on and you’re moving on to greener pastures, so it makes great sense to rely on experienced realtors who can provide you with the best chance at efficiently selling your Yarmouth property at the right price. At Brett Davis Real Estate you’ll encounter a professional team with the experience, skill, and dedication needed to sell your property so you can move on to bigger and better things.

From commercial to single family homes to condominiums, the experienced team at Brett Davis Real Estate has taken care of successfully selling numerous properties and providing unmatched service to our clients. So if you’ve recently decided that you need professional assistance with selling your Yarmouth real estate, then now is the right time to get in touch with a Brett Davis realtor. If it’s your first time selling a home, then we will take you through the entire process so you understand all that is involved. Of course, we will always be happy to answer any questions you have and fulfill any requests you need of us during the process.

You can count on the experienced realtors from Brett Davis Real Estate to successfully sell your Yarmouth real estate. Feel free to give us a call today at 207-865-9919. Also be sure to browse through our website for more information and, if you’re looking, homes for sale in Yarmouth opportunities.

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Opportunities for House Hunters in Freeport Maine

There are few places that can boast as much natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities as Freeport, Maine. This wonderful Cumberland County town located on the north shore of gorgeous Casco Bay can provide you with the amazing life you’ve been waiting for. Plus, with help from Brett Davis Real Estate, you’ll be able to find the perfect home from among the various spacious homes for sale in Freeport Maine.

No matter the specific vision you have of the potential home you’d like to settle down in with your family, it’s very likely you’ll encounter a home for sale in Freeport Maine which fits your needs, wishes, and budget perfectly. There are several wonderful Freeport real estate opportunities available at the moment, including Freeport Subdivision opportunities. Whether you’re a young professional and interested in a lovely 2-bedroom 1-bathroom home or you have a growing family and need 3 or more bedrooms, we at Brett Davis Real Estate will help you find the right home in beautiful Freeport that will match your specific needs and which will provide you and your family with the life you’ve been dreaming of!
Start sifting through the wonderful homes for sale in Freeport Maine with help from Brett Davis Real Estate. You can get started today by simply browsing through the property listings found at http://www.brettdavisrealtors.com. You can also give us a call today at 207-865-9919 if you have any questions or would like professional home-buying or home-selling assistance.

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The Numerous Benefits to Relocating to North Yarmouth

Whether you live in Portland, Maine, have recently accepted a job offer in the area, or perhaps live outside of Maine, the homes for sale in North Yarmouth Maine can provide you with the fulfilling life you’ve been yearning for. There are numerous benefits to relocating to North Yarmouth as you’ll quickly see once you move into one of the wonderful homes currently available in this lovely town just north of Portland.

Zeroing in on one of the homes for sale in North Yarmouth could be your ticket to a great life. Whether you’re a young professional, have a growing family, or are about to retire, North Yarmouth offers a lot of advantages to different people in various stages of life. For those interested in a more rural and safer setting, yet a stone’s throw away from city life, North Yarmouth is perfect. This small town with nearly 4,000 residents ensures more tranquil living surrounded by natural beauty. With North Yarmouth real estate you can take advantage of the myriad recreational activities available or simply sit back and enjoy watching the world go by. The choice is yours, but one thing is for sure- you’re going to love living here!

You can have a great life in lovely North Yarmouth. So be sure to learn more about the current homes for sale in North Yarmouth today by giving us a call at 207-865-9919. You can also learn more about how we can help you find the home of your dreams by browsing through our website.

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Choose Freeport Real Estate Help from Brett Davis

Finding a home or selling a home or property in Freeport Maine can be challenging, especially if you’re already busy enough as it is. So relying on the right Freeport real estate assistance is vital. When it comes to finding a home or selling a home in Freeport, you will undoubtedly have the best chance of reaching your real estate goals by choosing Brett Davis Real Estate for professional realty assistance.

Why should you rely on the agents from Brett Davis Real Estate to help you sell or buy Freeport Real Estate? First of all, we have a solid track record of successfully helping our clients reach their real estate goals. Plus, every single agent at Brett Davis Real Estate has the experience, skill, and knowledge needed to provide you with the greatest chances of fulfilling all of your Freeport real estate needs and wishes. Apart from experience, skill, and knowledge, we are all absolutely dedicated to helping our clients successfully purchase or sell Freeport real estate. We provide honest and responsive assistance, and can be counted on to work closely with you throughout the entire buying or selling process so you can reach your specific goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Whether you’re searching for homes for sale in Freeport Maine or are in need of help with selling your home, we are the right Freeport real estate company to call for outstanding professional realty services. You can learn more about us today by browsing through our website where you can also check out testimonials from our clients. If you need help now, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly by phone at 207-865-9919.

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Finding Cumberland Homes for Sale is Much Simpler with Brett Davis Real Estate

Have you been thinking about Cumberland homes for sale? If you have visions of buying and living in a Cumberland home, but have not yet taken action in turning your vision into reality, then now is the time to find the professional Cumberland real estate assistance you need. We at Brett Davis Real Estate will be more than happy to work with you and help you locate and purchase the perfect Cumberland property at the right price.

Finding Cumberland Maine homes for sale is made much simpler when relying on a friendly and knowledgeable real estate agent from Brett Davis Real Estate. We can be counted on to take your Cumberland real estate needs and wishes into consideration and work hard on your behalf so that you can purchase and move into the perfect Cumberland home as quickly as possible. We have built up a reputation for being extremely responsive and pleasant to work with, and you can always trust that we’ll do whatever we can to help you reach your home-buying goals.

If you have visions of living in a beautiful Cumberland home, then now is the time to speak with one of our experienced agents. We will provide you with the professional Cumberland real estate assistance you need. Give us a call today at 207-865-9919 or else feel free to learn more about our services and what we can do to help you by browsing through our website.

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Rely on Us to Help Sell Your Falmouth Real Estate

It’s time to move on to greener pastures, and we at Brett Davis are available to help you with this important endeavor. If you have Falmouth real estate which you need to sell, then we at Brett Davis Real Estate can be counted on to provide unrivaled service throughout the entire selling process so you can begin thinking about new opportunities elsewhere.

With Brett Davis Real Estate you’ll find honest professionals who will work hard to sell your Falmouth real estate. We have a great deal of homes for sale Falmouth experience, and have helped a number of others to successfully and efficiently sell their Falmouth homes. Apart from the experience of our team, each and every agent at Brett Davis Real Estate is dedicated to our customers’ needs. This means you can expect us to answer your questions quickly and support you throughout the entire selling process.

We at Brett Davis have established a reputation for being honest and always placing our customers’ interests first. If you need help with selling your Falmouth real estate, then you can rely on the professionals from Brett Davis Real Estate to provide you with focused and high quality service that goes above and beyond expectations. So don’t wait any longer to find the professional realty assistance you need and deserve- give us a call today at 207-865-9919 or else be sure to learn more by browsing through our website, www.brettdavisrealtors.com.

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Live the Good Life with Beautiful Homes for Sale in Yarmouth

Whether you’re moving from another part of Maine or another part of the country, the current homes for sale in Yarmouth will provide you with the wonderful opportunity to live the tranquil wonderful life you’ve wanted with your family. With dedicated professional realty assistance from Brett Davis Real Estate, you’ll quickly locate and purchase the perfect Yarmouth home at the right price.

Yarmouth Maine has so much to offer, especially for those that wish to live in peaceful and beautiful surroundings within a safe and caring community. Yarmouth in Cumberland County is only approximately 11 miles away from Portland, making it a perfect location for those needing to commute to Portland for work. But no matter your specific needs, Yarmouth real estate can provide you with the life you’ve been yearning for, and we at Brett Davis Real Estate will be more than happy to help you accomplish your specific home ownership goals if the wonderful town of Yarmouth is calling out your name the loudest.

You can live the good life with gorgeous homes for sale in Yarmouth! If you’d like to learn more about the wonderful homes for sale in Yarmouth Maine, then now is the time to speak with a friendly and helpful agent from Brett Davis Real Estate. Give us a call today at 207-865-9919207-865-9919 and speak with an agent who can help. Also be sure to browse through our website www.brettdavisrealtors.com for more information.

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Follow Your Dreams Today with Homes for Sale in Freeport Maine

With the various beautiful homes for sale in Freeport Maine, now is the perfect time to begin following your dreams of buying a lovely home in this wonderful scenic town. No matter what stage of life you and your family find yourselves in, Freeport is a great place for anyone to live, grow, and enjoy life to the fullest.

If you love outdoor recreation or just being close to serene nature, then you should be searching for homes for sale in Freeport Maine. Myriad opportunities for hiking, biking, bird watching, boating, and many other outdoor recreation activities can be yours with Freeport real estate, and we at Brett Davis Real Estate are very happy to help you achieve your dreams of owning the perfect home in the gorgeous community of Freeport. On our website you can browse through listings for homes and other types of Freeport property, including land in Freeport. No matter what you’re looking for, if you need help with finding the right Freeport home, then the good people from Brett Davis Real Estate will be available to provide the assistance you need so you can start enjoying life in your perfect Freeport home.

Follow your dreams of living in scenic Freeport Maine by seeking help from Brett Davis Real Estate. You can start your homes for sale in Freeport Maine search today from within www.brettdavisrealtors.com. If you’d like to speak with a friendly agent who can help, then feel free to give us a call today at 207-865-9919207-865-9919.

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Don’t Wait to Find Homes for Sale in North Yarmouth Help

Are you thinking about moving to North Yarmouth? If so, then don’t wait to find the professional homes for sale in North Yarmouth assistance you need. Procrastination is something many of us struggle to overcome every single day in a number areas of life, but when it comes to searching for and purchasing the right home, it’s better to begin as soon as possible.

Procrastination aside, for other people, ‘timing the market’ is a reason for waiting to find a home. But when it comes to North Yarmouth real estate, there is no better time than the present to purchase a home, especially if you plan to reside in North Yarmouth for the foreseeable future. Being decisive and turning to Brett Davis Real Estate now for homes for sale in North Yarmouth help will allow you to get a jump on all the available homes in North Yarmouth that match your preferences before others do. The worst feeling in the world would be for you to miss out on purchasing the home of your dreams simply because you waited too long.

Don’t wait any longer to find the professional North Yarmouth real estate assistance you need if you’re thinking of buying a home in North Yarmouth. Simply turn to the good people from Brett Davis Real Estate so you can begin your search and have a better chance of moving into the perfect home. Give us a call today at 207-865-9919207-865-9919 or feel free to browse through www.brettdavisrealrealtors.com for more information.

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Efficiently Navigate the Cumberland Real Estate Sales Process with Our Help

Selling Cumberland real estate is not the easiest thing in the world to do- especially all alone. In fact, selling your home can be extremely time-consuming, energy-consuming, and money-consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing. But when you rely on Brett Davis real estate to help sell your Cumberland home, you’ll find a partner that will do all the necessary things needed to sell your home efficiently, and in a way that creates happiness for all parties involved.

Whether you’re selling your first Cumberland home or have already put up a number of Cumberland homes for sale, you understand that placing a home for sale and actually selling it successfully can be a difficult process and there are many invaluable advantages of having an experienced realtor like Brett Davis Real Estate helping out. The friendly agents from Brett Davis Real Estate will work closely with you throughout the entire process from start to finish to ensure that you are completely satisfied along with the buyer of your Cumberland real estate.

With help from Brett Davis Real Estate, you’ll have the ability to efficiently and effectively navigate through the Cumberland real estate selling process, have a higher chance of successfully selling your home while enjoying a level of exceptional service throughout. So don’t wait- give us a call today at 207-865-9919 if you would like to successfully sell your Cumberland home. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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Live Near Exceptional Schools with Falmouth Real Estate

Falmouth, Maine is known for a number of positive things, its excellent school system being one of them. If you have children, then finding Falmouth real estate will be a great investment for your children’s future. Even Forbes Magazine named Falmouth a ‘Top City to Live and Learn’ in 2011. Providing your children with the right opportunities to succeed in life is important to you, and we at Brett Davis Real Estate can help you with that endeavor by helping you find the right home in Falmouth.

With homes for sale Falmouth help from Brett Davis Real Estate, you can find the perfect Falmouth real estate that will deliver both you and your family the right opportunities to live well and become successful. If living near an excellent elementary school, middle school, or high school is a number one priority for you, then the good people from Brett Davis Real Estate will do our utmost to ensure you move into a beautiful home next to a great school in Falmouth.

Falmouth is a great place to raise your family and there is no question that Falmouth’s exceptional schools will provide your children with limitless opportunities to learn and grow. If you’d like professional Falmouth real estate assistance, then be sure to give us a call today at 207-865-9919. We’ll be more than happy to help you and your family move into the home of your dreams!

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Find Real Estate Falmouth Help Today

The coastal community of Falmouth is a stone’s throw away from Portland.  With its gorgeous scenery, wonderful local restaurants, and opportunities for myriad outdoor activities, Falmouth is a great place to live. But you already realize this and are now in need of real estate Falmouth assistance. There’s no need to worry, because you’ll find the professional real estate assistance you need when you rely on the good people from Brett Davis Real Estate.

Own your little piece of paradise in serene Falmouth. Whether you’re a big fan of the outdoors, are interested in living within close proximity to Portland, or see another great benefit to owning a home in Falmouth, we at Brett Davis Real Estate will help you achieve your real estate Falmouth goals. We will work closely with you so as to locate the best homes in Falmouth which match your specific needs. Every single day we strive to deliver the best possible Maine real estate service possible, and you will immediately recognize this when you contact us for professional real estate help.

Live in the perfect Falmouth home! Don’t wait any longer to find the real estate Falmouth help you need. Give us a call today so we can help you move into the Falmouth home of your dreams! You can contact us directly by calling 207-865-9919. You can also learn more by browsing through our website.

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Find Perfect Homes in North Yarmouth with Brett Davis Real Estate

If you’d like to find homes in North Yarmouth, then we at Brett Davis Real Estate will help. Whether or not you’re familiar with the area, the friendly and experienced agents at Brett Davis Real Estate can be trusted to show you the North Yarmouth homes which best match your specific criteria and wishes. We always aim at finding our clients the home of their dreams, and that’s exactly what we have in mind for you.

There are lots of reasons why settling down in North Yarmouth makes sense. But in order to find the best home for you and your family in North Yarmouth, you’ll need some help from agents that really care about your long-term satisfaction. Buying a home is a big step in life, and the North Yarmouth real estate experts from Brett Davis Real Estate will do everything necessary to ensure that you find and buy the perfect home at the perfect price. This is our commitment to you.

Our job is to help you find great homes in North Yarmouth so you can choose the absolute perfect one for you and your family. Every single person on the Brett Davis Real Estate team is friendly, great to work with, and has a great attitude which is focused on helping our clients. So get started with the search today. Give us a call at 207-865-9919, or feel free to browse through our website for more information.

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Find Homes in Freeport, Maine with Help from Brett Davis Real Estate

The pleasant nature of Freeport Maine never ceases to amaze, and if you’re searching to enjoy life in this gorgeous Cumberland County town, then you can find homes in Freeport fast with help from Brett Davis Real Estate. Whether you have little time to search for a home or are interested in taking part in the search process, our real estate services will ensure you locate and purchase the right home in the town of Freeport which fits all your specific needs.

With our real estate Freeport Maine services, you’ll be able to focus more of your energies on envisioning the beautiful future you and your family have ahead of you.  We’ll work closely with you so that we can help find homes in Freeport that match your real estate priorities. No matter your specific wishes, we will do our best to show you the homes that will have the best chance of delivering the most happiness and fulfillment. Of course, purchasing your home will also be made easier with our professional assistance.

If you would like to begin the hunt for your dream home in Freeport, ME then you can simply give us a call today at 207-865-9919. Our agents are friendly, helpful, and will do what is necessary to help you locate the perfect Freeport home.

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Yes! Gutters are Important!

Think Of Them As Damage Control

While gutters may not be first and foremost on the mind of a homeowner, understanding their importance may prevent costly home repair bills in the future.

Gutters funnel water off of the roof and away from your home, which protects your siding, windows, doors and foundation from water damage. While that sounds important, many homeowners don’t realize how much damage can occur when their gutters are clogged, leaking, or broken. When gutters aren’t functioning properly, rainwater runs off the roof of the house and collects on the ground near the foundation. Heavy rains can result in standing pools of water, which can cause a multitude of problems. Here are some examples:

  • Flooding- home and basement
  • Foundation Damage- cracks and crumbling
  • Infestations- mosquitoes and other insects breed in standing water
  • Mold- overflowing gutters create an environment for mold to flourish in crawlspaces and basements
  • Erosion- topsoil protects the foundation of your home. If water is not correctly diverted away from your home the topsoil will erode and leave your foundation vulnerable.
  • Staining- of the exterior of your home fascia, soffit, wood framing and outside walls as well as decks, patios, driveways, and walkways
  • Other damage- to paint, rotting, rusting of exterior building products

Have your gutters checked to be sure they aren’t pulling away from the house. If they are, talk to a gutter installation professional about changing the spikes holding the gutters to screws. Screws do a much better job of holding the gutters in place. Make sure your downspouts are clear and not blocked by leaves, and that the water from gutters, downspouts, and around the house flows at least 10 feet away from your house.

Many homeowners prefer to clean their own gutters, while others hire a gutter expert to do the cleaning for a reasonable cost. The cost of hiring a professional to clean your gutters is a pittance compared to the money you’ll spend on repairs to your home if they aren’t functioning properly!

If you are cleaning the gutters yourself, make sure to check for rusted spots, dents and holes, broken gutter hangers, and disconnected joints. Repair or replace any problem areas.

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Winter’s A Comin’

It’s time to think about winterizing your house, whether you’ll be there all winter or plan to escape someplace warmer for an extended period. Don’t panic, the tasks aren’t overwhelming when you prepare for winter one step at a time!

Heating Systems Check

- Have a heating professional do a routine-check before cold weather arrives

- Vacuum vents and other heating components

- Replace the furnace filter. Make future replacements as needed or directed by your furnace manufacturer.

- Reprogram your thermostat settings for winter. This includes setting the clocks back to standard time.

- Try not to set your thermostat higher than 72F when you’re at home. Lower the thermostat to 65F when you’re sleeping or away from home. If your thermostat uses batteries now may be the time to replace them.

Seal Around Doors and Windows

-Add or replace warn weather-stripping around doors and windows. Caulk gaps where necessary

- Replace worn door sweeps at the bottom of doors. Don’t forget to winterize basement windows.

- Use caulking and weather-stripping around entry points for all pipes and ducts that travel through an exterior wall.

Check the Fireplace

- Have the chimney inspected and cleaned.

- If you’re not using your fireplace, keep the damper airtight to keep warm air from escaping your home

Check the Roof

- Replace loose shingles

- Make sure the flashing around the chimney or vent pipes is watertight

- Check the bricks and mortar

- Clean gutters and point downspouts away from the house

- Trim tree limbs that are hanging over or touching the roof

Winterize the Plumbing

- Take care of known issues with pipes that freeze. Heat tape can be used to keep them warm during extremely cold weather.

- Learn how to turn off water at its source so that you can stop leaks immediately if they start

- Disconnect hoses and splitters

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Sales and Values Up!!

In a press release to the media today, Maine Listings reports the number of homes sold increased 6.42% in June 2013 compared to June 2012. The statewide median sales price (MSP) increased 4.84% to $184,000 in that same time period. For the complete report: http://mainerealtors.com/statistics/2013pressreleases/mainehousingreportjune2013.pdf


Information provided by: Maine Association of Realtors, MAR E-NEWS: 7-22-13

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For Heart Health – Hydrate!!

Summer is finally here in Maine! With it comes days of high heat and oppressive humidity.  It’s easy, and quicker than you think, to become dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to serious cardiovascular problems. Your blood is 80% water; if you don’t replace what’s lost every day, blood thickens, forcing your heart to work harder and raising your risk of a heart attack. Staying properly hydrated is one of the simplest yet most effective measures you can take to protect your heart. Unfortunately, hard to squash myths and misleading ads for energy drinks complicate and confuse a subject that should be neither. Let’s take a minute to sort I t out with the help of Prevention Magazine:

1. Forget the 8 glasses rule: Even though it’s been popularized in the press, there’s no scientific basis for drinking eight 8 oz glasses of fluid daily. Sixty-four oz may be too much for inactive people or far too little for those who exercise or work outdoors. Hydration needs can change daily and are highly individual. One easy, anytime check of hydration levels is urine color. The darker it is, the more likely you’re dehydrated. It’s a more accurate measure of hydration than thirst.

2. Look for a 2 pound weight loss: To gauge if you’re adequately hydrated, the American Heart Association recommends weighing yourself after using the bathroom in the morning. If you’re 2 pounds less than normal, you’re likely dehydrated and should drink before doing anything vigorous.

3. Drink more above 70/70: When the temperature and humidity are both above 70, you enter the dehydration danger zone, the American Heart Association says. Sip frequently from a water bottle, and drink before, during, and after vigorous activity.

4. Stay away from energy drinks: They contain large amounts of sugar and stimulants that can be counterproductive and dangerous. Researchers found that brands with caffeine and the amino acid taurine significantly raise blood pressures and heart rate.


Information provided by: PATCO Construction, Inc.

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Winslow Park Summer Concert Series

August 29, 2013

Winslow Memorial Park
& Campground

Thursday Night Concert Series 2013

Bring blankets, lawn chairs and a picnic and enjoy the music! Free Parking. NO PETS PLEASE.
All Concerts begin at 6:30 PM

Entrance Fees:
Freeport Residence $2
Non-Residents $3
Season pass holders & campers FREE!

July 11th – Coastal Winds Community Band
30 Piece Bandstand fun!

July 18th – The Delta Knights
R&B at its finest!

July 25th –The Jason Spooner Trio
Original and incredible. Catch him on his way to the big time!

August 1st  – Clem brûlée and The Cara-Mels
Music you thought you knew, but way cooler.

August 8th – Kenya Hall
Rhythm and Soul

August 15th – Not too Shaap
Local favorites with all your favorites from a great band!

August 22nd  and August 29th – Rain Dates

Call our gatehouse at 865-4198 for more information. Information provided by www.freeportmaine.com

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7—10 am Blueberry Pancake & Sausage Breakfast, St. Jude Hall,
corner of Main and School Streets.  FMI:  847-6890

7:30 am 10K Road Race, L. L. Bean, Inc.

9:15 am Fun Run, L. L. Bean, Inc.

10:00 am Parade, Main Street, from Kendall Lane south to
Holbrook Street

7:30 pm Concert in the Park, (Matt Nathanson) L. L. Bean, Inc. Discovery Park.  FMI:  877-755-2326

9:15 pm FIREWORKS Intown


Information provided by: www.freeportmaine.com

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NEW Kids Mini-Baseball Camp, Fun Run

Join us on Sunday, June 23rd for a day filled with baseball! New this year are lots of pre-game activities for kids. This event takes place at historic Pettengill Farm, Freeport, and is sponsored by Freeport Historical Society with underwriting support from Norway Savings Bank.

 From 10a-noon, Maine Baseball Hall of Famer, Mort Soule, brings his famous baseball camp to Pettengill for kids ages 7-12. Bring your glove— we’ll have equipment. Learn to run, hit, field and throw! $15/child. Family: $40 max. Sign up now to avoid disappointment! 865-3170.

 From noon- 12:20p, we’re hosting a Hit for Distance Contest and from 12:30p-1p is a Fun Flag Run. Get more details on these activities and sign up by calling us. There is no charge for participation.

 Casey at the Bat will be read by Mort Soule at 1:15p (he just read Casey at Fenway Park’s “Maine Day!”) We’ll also have a terrific vintage baseball card collection on display.

 Promptly at 1:30p, the Vintage Baseball game between rivals Dirigo (ME) and Ipswich(MA) commences. The teams play according to the 1860 rules. Ump, Jeff Pert will be on the field to explain those rules to all “cranks” (fans!) Game rules will be posted on our website and will be available at the game. After the teams play, the community is invited to play the teams!  Adult tix: $5.00. Members and kids are free.

 Our favorite accordion band, The Maine Squeeze, will again be joining us playing old time favorites. Enjoy hot dogs, ice cream, and yes, beer (only because it is historically

correct!) Bring your folding chairs, blankets and umbrellas (or sit in our bleachers—

new this year!) and enjoy baseball as it was played in its earliest days—on a farm field.

Historic Pettengill Farm is located 1.5mi from the main LLBean store. Turn down Bow Street, off of Main and watch for Pettengill Road on the right. Turn in and proceed down dirt road. We’ll help you park.

Join us and support Dirigo. Let’s show Massachusetts “what for!”

FMI: (207)865-3170  or info@freeporthistoricalsociety.org or


Save the Dates!

Sat. June 22nd 10a-Noon and 6:00p-10p  2nd Annual Harraseeket Heritage Days and Harborside Gala, Brewer South Freeport Marine,South Freeport, ME Family activities, music, walking tours, touchtank; sails aboard The Frances $30pp;  evening Gala with Silent and Live Auction, Jason Spooner Band, sushi and wing bar, sumptuous hors d’oeuvres, cash bar!Daytime tix: $5.00 incl lunch/ Evening Gala tix $50.

Sunday, June 23, 1:30p  4th Annual Vintage Baseball Game at historic Pettengill Farm.  Dirigo v Ipswich. Vintage baseball card collection, reading of Casey at the Bat, music, food.

10a-noon   Mini-Baseball camp for kids, 7-12yo, Noon “Fun Run” and lots more! Music, food, ice cream and beer

Guided Freeport Village Walking Tours start June 13th, 3p and June 15th, 9a. and continue each Thur and Sat through Labor Day.  $10./adult    An engaging 50 minute introduction to the Freeport of long ago .

Additional tours may be available by appointment.         Call 865-3170        

Please support our generous and community-minded 2013 sponsors: L.L. Bean, Bath Savings Institution and Bath SavingsTrust Company, Taggart Construction, Chilton Furniture, Hilton Garden Inn, Brown Goldsmiths, Riley Insurance, Linda Bean’s Maine Kitchen & Topside Tavern, and Freeport USA

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Harraseeket Heritage Day and Harborside Gala

Freeport Historical Society is hosting an exciting day and evening on the waterfront in South Freeport on Saturday, June 22.  Families and individuals are invited to come down to Brewer South Freeport Marine for a lively public celebration of Freeport’s maritime past, including tours and sails aboard the windjammer Frances, pirate-themed kids’ activities, guided historic walking tours, knot-tying and oyster-shucking demonstrations, and maritime shanties and jigs. 


In the evening, Freeport Historical Society will stage the Harborside Gala at Brewer South Freeport Marine, with entertainment by pianist Wally McPherson and the Jason Spooner Band, sushi bar with chef, delicious hors d’oeuvres, Gritty’s beer, and signature Harborside rum beverage.  Silent and live auctions will feature Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots tickets; L.L.Bean paddlesports package, chair by Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers; Harraseeket Castle charm by Brown Goldsmiths; and much more.  All events will benefit Freeport Historical Society and their public programs and two historic properties.


Celebrating the maritime history of Freeport, the windjammer Frances will be at Brewer South Freeport Marine for deck tours and sailing tours.  Owned by Maine Sailing Adventures, whose mission is to bring the lore and memory of the traditional windjammer era back to southern Maine, the Frances was built in Portland with support from Wallace Soule, a Freeport native, who was an integral part of the hull and finish work construction.  She is an environmentally conscious vessel, sailing traditionally without an engine aboard.  With her wide beam and high caprail design, all ages are able to move freely about the deck, even while under full sail.

Also on hand, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, providing education for all ages, will be the Compass Project, showcasing their skills in boat-building; the crew of the Frances, teaching knot-tying; Freeport Shellfish Commission and Maine Clammers Association, featuring a saltwater touch tank; Freeport Historical Society, leading guided walking tours of South Freeport; and Maine Oysters Inc., offering a sampling of their Flying Point Oysters.  A tent for kids will feature face painting, pirate tattoos, photo booth, mini-boat building, and storytelling.  Hannaford Supermarkets will offer festive barbecue fare for lunch, while Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster Company will serve up their famous chowder, all included in the entrance fee.


Funds supporting the public programs of Freeport Historical Society will be raised through ticket sales for the Harraseeket Heritage Day events, guided South Freeport walking tours, sailing tours aboard the Frances, and entrance to the Harborside Gala, as well as all proceeds from the evening auctions.  All events are open to the public, and advance tickets for sailing tours and the Harborside Gala are now available for purchase at Freeport Historical Society, in person (45 Main Street, Freeport) or online at www.freeporthistoricalsociety.org, or at Brewer South Freeport Marine. 


Harraseeket Heritage Day events will be held from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm at Brewer South Freeport Marine, with an entrance fee of $5 per person, or $20 per family. Deck tours of the Frances will be held during that time and are included in the entrance fee.  Guided walking tours are $5 per person and will be led by architectural historian and author, Annie Robinson.  Two-hour sailing tours will depart at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, with a limited supply of tickets for $30 per person available in advance.  Children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent and must provide their own PFDs. 


Harborside Gala tickets are $50  per person and are available in advance or at the door.  Events begin at 6:00 pm, with hors d’oeuvres, sushi bar, and music from pianist Warren McPherson offered during the silent auction.  Beverages will be available for purchase.  At 8:00 pm, the live auction will begin, followed by live music and dancing, with the Jason Spooner Band performing.


Sponsors include Brewer South Freeport Marine; Hannaford Supermarkets; Todd H. Doolan of Morgan Stanley; Autowerkes Maine; Bob Knecht, Town & Shore; Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster; Mary K. Noyes, entrepreneur(e); and Curtis Thaxter – Attorneys at Law.


Established in 1969, Freeport Historical Society is a non-profit with a mission of collecting, teaching, preserving and sharing the history of Freeport, Maine.  FHS’s website is www.freeporthistoricalsociety.org


Save the Dates!


Sunday, June 23, 1:30p  4th Annual Vintage Baseball Game at historic Pettengill Farm.  Dirigo v Ipswich. Vintage baseball card collection, reading of Casey at the Bat, music, food.

10a-noon   Mini-Baseball camp for kids, 7-12yo, Noon “Fun Run” and lots more! Music, food, ice cream and beer


Guided Freeport Village Walking Tours start June 13th, 3p and June 15th, 9a. and continue each Thur and Sat through Labor Day.  $10./adult    An engaging 50 minute introduction to the Freeport of long ago .

Additional tours may be available by appointment.         Call 865-3170        


Please support our generous and community-minded 2013 sponsors: L.L. Bean, Bath Savings Institution and Bath SavingsTrust Company, Taggart Construction, Chilton Furniture, Hilton Garden Inn, Brown Goldsmiths, Riley Insurance, Linda Bean’s Maine Kitchen & Topside Tavern, and Freeport USA

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Freeport Events

Freeport Events

Winslow Park Family Fun Day June 22!!

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Tips For A Successful Moving Day!!!

1. Make sure that someone is at home to answer the van foreman’s questions.
Many times the driver will have questions that only you can answer – it is important that you or someone you’ve designated be available throughout the move process.

2. Clearly mark and set aside items you don’t want loaded.
This will remind you to tell the driver what not to load as you conduct your preload walkthrough.

3. Pack special items for kids.
Have the kids pack a box of their “special items” and point this box out to the driver so it’s one of the first to be unloaded.

4. Clear walkways,
Make it safe and easy for your movers to get in and out of your house by removing all obstructions (rugs, floor mats, plants, etc).

5. Point out special items.
Point out boxes you would like to have unloaded first, if they are not going into storage. These boxes may include kitchen and bathroom items, or your children’s toys.

6. Read your bill of lading and inventory.
Make sure you understand all the paperwork you are signing before the driver departs. If there is something that is confusing to you, ask the driver to explain it before you sign it.

Being Transparent with Customers | Life in the Connected Age

See what a local business is saying about Brett Davis Real Estate!

An Open Book Business

A few days ago I happened to be reading through some of the blog articles on the web site of a local real estate company we work very closely with – Brett Davis Real Estate.

Brett and his team run a small, successful real estate firm in the coastal community of Freeport Maine. Brett has been in real estate for more than 18 years now. In the world of Realtors, this is a very long time (the percentage of Realtors who make it past the 1st & 2nd years is in the single digits).

Brett not only survived those initial years, but went on to build a very loyal & sizable clientele. In time he started his own company.

There is no doubt in my mind that much of the success Brett and his team has experienced has come as a result of how up-front and transparent they are with their clients.

Being Transparent with Customers | Life in the Connected Age.

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Things to do in Freeport this weekend!!!


Saturday, April 20                 11:00 am – 2:00 pm L.L. Bean Home Store – Whoopie Pie Taste Testing at: L.L.Bean, Freeport Maine The chocolate whoopie pie the official dessert of Maine. Now you can make this classic Down East treat at home with Stonewall Kitchen’s Chocolate Whoopie Pie Mix. What is a whoopie pie? Two moist chocolate cakes surrounding a luscious layer of creamy, buttery filling. Yummy!           
Saturday, April 20                 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Wilbur’s of Maine – April Showers Chocolate Umbrella! at: Wilbur’s of Maine Chocolate Confections, Freeport  ME

Calling all Junior Chocolatiers! Come to the factory and practice your chocolate decorating skills by adding candies and chocolate to one of our molded chocolate umbrellas!

Cost is $5.00 per umbrella.

Click here for more information.

Saturday, April 20                 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Azure Cafe – Live Jazz Music at: Azure Cafe, Freeport Maine

An exciting lineup of local Maine jazz artists. Friday & Saturday nights starting at 6PM.  CALL (207) 865-1237 for more details on artists performing.

Saturday, April 20                 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm Freeport Theater of Awesome – Comedy Show at: Freeport Theater of Awesome, Freeport Maine

The Early Evening Show

The Early Evening Show is a blend of wild improvisations, comic sketches, upbeat music and spectacular finales. This hysterical late-night talk-show spoof is a cross between Saturday Night Live and classic Johnny Carson. Join us for some good, clean comedy!

Click here for more information

Information provided by: www.freeportusa.com

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Things To Do In Freeport, Maine

Things to Do Freeport, Maine – Play!

What can you do in Freeport, Maine? Believe it or not, the world-class shopping, dining and accommodations are just part of Freeport’s attractions. Freeport, Maine hums year-round with festivals, art and entertainment, tours and outdoor activities. And don’t forget the sightseeing – where else but Freeport, Maine can you take in the view from the rocky Maine coast, a desert dune or a mountain peak?

Many of Freeport, Maine’s attractions are within walking distance of each other, something Freeport cruise visitors love. Our Freeport walking tour map is a great place to start your Freeport adventure! Freeport’s many art and food festivals, art walks and live entertainment draw big crowds in every season. And Freeport landmark L.L.Bean doesn’t just outfit you for your Maine outdoor adventure – they offer outdoor activities, classes, and events.

Somewhere on this list of Freeport attractions is something that will attract you to Freeport and make Freeport your Maine vacation destination.


Article from www.freeportusa.com

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6 Tips to Reduce Your Debt

Start your financial spring cleaning with these debt-busting strategies.

1. Assess your debt.

Zero debt is what you’re aiming for, right? Not necessarily. There’s good debt, and there’s bad debt. The good kind is debt that will produce a return in the future- or, at the very least, it’s deductible. Credit card debt is always bad debt. Pay it off first.

2. Set a monthly financial target.

Do the math, and determine how much money you need each month to return to stable financial ground. Getting there may require cutting expenses or it may require finding another source of revenue, such as a second job. Don’t damage personal relationships by counting on family or friends for credit. And don’t dip into retirement savings, or not funding your retirement- unless it is unavoidable. Compounding is your biggest ally.

3. Identify smart savings.

If you do have to make cuts, try to find savings that won’t hurt your household or your business. For example, it might be OK to go with out letterhead for a month or cancel your cable TV, but don’t fall behind on the office or car lease since late payments have a way of multiplying the problem. As you learn to live with less, gradually increase the amount going into savings or toward paying off debt.

4. Look Ahead.

Always be aware of new revenue opportunities and expenses that may lie down the road. On the revenue side, don’t get wrapped up in the day-to-day work that you forget to prospect for tomorrow’s deals. That includes maintaining networks and your connections to allied professionals. They can be an invaluable source of trends or links to new clients. On the expense side, keep an eye on what you may need to replace or renew over the next five years. Will you need a new car three years from now? How much should you save annually to make sure there’s a substantial down payment or, even better, enough for a cash purchase when the time comes?

5. Prepare for the worst.

Ask yourself: If the next three sales fall through, how will I pay my mortgage? Putting together a simple “what-if” plan to deal with worst-case scenarios can be conforting because you know there’s already a solution in place.

6. Develop a savings habit.

Like any good habit, saving money can be difficult. People tend to drift away from things that are hard or that they don’t like or aren’t good at. But keep plugging away anyway. The literal payoff will be seeing your debt decrease and your savings increase.

Written by Maggie Sieger.

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Before yelling “action,” make sure the home will touch buyers’ five sensed.  Imagine that a buyer enters your listing. It’s the fourth she’s looked at today. She’s tired and grumpy and undergoing sensory overload. You want to present a space that will surprise her and encourage her to relax and soak in the setting. Here are ideas to provide a “high definition” effect to your listing.

Sight: Display fresh flowers throughout the house on kitchen and bathroom countertops and side tables. Or add color pops by displaying seasonal fruits in the kitchen, living, and dining rooms- like a large bowl filled with red apples, pomegranates, strawberries, or lemons.

Sound:  Play soft classical music in the background.

Taste:  Put ready-to-bake cookies in the oven shortly before a showing and set them on a pretty plate in the kitchen, for prospective buyers. Brew some coffee and tea. The refreshments provide buyers more incentives to sit down and stay awhile- an approach which was recently used in prepping singer Sheryl Crow’s $15 million Hollywood home for sale.

Smell:  Skip the chemical air fresheners. The flowers and freshly baked cookies will provide a welcoming scent. Another favorite is slice four apples in half, sprinkle them with brown sugar and bake them at 375 degrees for 30 minutes.

Feel:  Use linens with a “rich, substantive feel” in bedrooms, textured accent pillows, and white fluffy towels- all convey the touch of luxury.

Creating such an inviting space should elicit rave reviews from home shoppers- and just might entice them to stick around through the closing credits!

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Spring Lawn Care

When to Feed Your Lawn

The most important thing you can do for your lawn is to feed it. A well-fed lawn is healthier, which means it has a better root system to combat heat, cold, drought, mowing, foot traffic and other stresses. While feeding your lawn once a year will improve its condition, feeding it four times a year will make it even healthier. If you put your lawn on the regular feeding schedule, it will look lush and green, and your neighbors will turn green with envy.

Early Spring (February – April)

Lawns wake up hungry in the spring. Feeding your lawn in the spring strengthens roots and gets it off to a good start before the heavy growing season. If you had crabgrass last year, apply a combination fertilizer with a pre-emergent to control it.

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